A Note from the Author

Every one of us has felt like Little Red at some point in our lives. Perhaps it was when we worried we were not as good as somebody else, or maybe something happened that made us feel sad or lonely.  Never forget that we all have seeds of greatness inside of us, and that we were created to be exactly the way we are.  Just do your very best. Be your very best, and always remember:  You are fun! You are fast! You are wanted!

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A Song About Little Red

Mike Salley is a song writer and musical artist who has several CDs, and has written a song about Little Red. Click on the audio file below to listen to it. Mike plays at local venues and can be hired for special events.

Meet the Author

People who meet Dawn Lukas describe her as compassionate and caring. Little Red is the first venture into writing for this wife, mother, and grandmother, whose passion for children and their happiness inspired Little Red.

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Meet the Illustrator

Sarah Loney and her wonderful husband Bryce have been married for over 17 years. They have 2 children, Madisen and Ethan. Illustrating is her passion.

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Little Red Ordering Information

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In COVID Times, Even Little Red is Staying Safe!

Mask yourself, and your little ones, just like Little Red!  Our sister company, Royalty Headwear, handmakes premier, unique face masks for all ages and sizes!

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